The Modern Evidences Of Punarjanm

We will talk about Punarjanm, which is called ‘Reincarnation‘ in English. In this part of this episode, we will see what research has been done on ‘Punarjanm’ in modern science and especially explore a report from the University of Virginia in which more than 2,500 such cases have been registered that are related to Punarjanm and they show the evidence. And after analyzing this report and the insights.

So, I will start this topic with an incident related to Punarjanm. This incident is very important. This incident happened in the house of James Leininger, a small child living in Louisiana city of America. When James Leininger was 2 years old, he used to tell his parents the story of a pilot killed in World War II. His parents did not pay attention to this at first because they had taken James to a museum related to World War II many times.

So they thought that James might after seeing the fighter plane and documentaries related to World War II he is weaving a story after seeing it and telling it again and again. But James craze for World War II and fighter aircraft were increasing day by day, he used to play in it all day, use to break toys, and used to shout ‘airplane crashed on fire’ at it. Then the parents thought that he is the child, and he has some interest in it. But what happened later? Things started getting serious. After one or two months, he is getting nightmares.

What happened to him at night? At 2:00- 3:00 AM in the night, the child used to wake up suddenly, clapping his hands and feet, and started crying after saying ‘airplane crashed on fire’. Then James’s parents also got upset and wanted to know what happened. So when he tried to know the details and asked the child what do you see, the child told that he is a pilot in a fighter plane, which is shot by another Japanese fighter plane and it gets crashed and he dies after going into the water.