The Modern Evidences Of Punarjanm

He used to tell the same things again and again. When parents asked more, some other things came out like he told there is a boat called Natoma Boat by which his plane crashed, along with another pilot named Jack Larsen also get crashed. So he used to tell all these stories again and again and used to tell that after flying from that boat, a Japanese fighter plane shot him in the air and he died and the same thing he kept repeating. So when this thing was getting repeated again and again.

James’s parents thought to consult a psychiatrist, so they called a local psychiatrist and told them this, the local psychiatrist said, to tell James or persuade him, that all these things have happened before, and will not happen now. Now there is no need to be afraid. But even after understanding all these things did not stop. And what happened afterward, a twist came in the story.

Later Jame’s father gifted a book to James’s grandfather on Christmas The Battle of Iwo Jima and when his grandfather was reading this book, James recognized a place where he had died, and when he recognized the place and told his father, his father also started to feel that these things happening from a year ago, he has been telling it again and again and no child gets so mad regarding anything. James father contacted the old officer of Natoma Bay and tried to know from them that whatever the child is telling is true or not.

Then Natoma Bay officers told that yes, Jack Larsen named was a pilot who fought in World War II and his flight crashed by Natoma Bay. So when this case started getting so serious and things started coming out. Then Jim Tucker, a Professor of Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia, He also started doing an investigation. His investigation revealed the truth.

Their investigation revealed that from Natoma Boat there was another fighter pilot who had crashed with Jack Larsen and his name was James Houston Jr. and this was the same James Houstoun Jr. which is our James which is child, is remembering him. After his death, his punarjanm was as James Leininger.