Truth Behind 84 Lakh Yoni

84 Lakh Yoni : In this topic, we are talking about punarjanm which is called reincarnation in English. We will test the scientificity of the principle of 84,00,000 of Sanatan Dharma and try to know what were those principles in Vedas and Upanishads while keeping in mind our Rishi munis developed the principle of 84,00,000 Yonis.

The four Vedas are in the center of our Sanatana Dharma and then there is Vedanta which we call Upanishad. the mention of punarjanm is definitely seen there, but the principle of 84,00,000 Yoni is not seen there. It is not written in any Vedas and Upanishad that there are 84,00,000 Yoniya and through them, the soul passes and then takes the form of a human being. We get to see this principle of 84,00,000 Yoniyo only in Puran.

Just like our Garuda Purana, Vishnu purana, So in Puranas, you will find shloka related to this. We will discuss it in detail. But Puran is also a reflection of our Vedas and Upanishads. The creation of the Puranas was done because if the Vedas and knowledge are very cliched, then to explain something to the common mind the help of stories was taken, the help of examples was taken.