Sankhya Darshan! Purusha And Prakriti In Hindu Philosophies

In this topic, know the basic principle of Sankhya Darshan. And we get to know about “Satkaryavada”. What is Satkaryavada that only from true cause the good deeds arise, we understood “kaaran” and “kaarya” there. Then what will be kaaran for this universe which is kaarya because we do not know kaaran for the universe.

There we came to know that in Sankhya Darshan, the kaaran for the universe is called Prakriti. Prakriti means before Kriti, why is Prakriti mentioned? We understood that, after what else has been called to Prakriti. Then we told that Prakriti is the root, it does not have an intelligence of its own.

There is something from which Kaary has to be done because Kaaran is a possibility and potential from the kaaray that has to be done. But it does not have intelligence and consciousness, so it needed consciousness for them. Then we called that consciousness as Purush, so we have understood all these things in part one. You must watch part one, then we will continue from here. We will further understand the Sankhya Darshan and why Purush and Prakriti come close.