Samkhya Darshan Most Scientific Philosophies In Hinduism

Samkhya Darshan : Which is Sankhya Darshan also called Sankhya philosophy. If you read this full article, then you will understand how far our rishis and saints used to have a vision. Today we have modern technology, and resources and science is very advanced. If you see, NASA has the Hubble telescope or James Webb telescope this is all space telescope. They are travelling in outer space, and from there they are collecting a lot of information about the universe. In this direction we have ISRO, he has sent Astrosat.

All the electromagnetic waves present in the universe whether it is radio waves, gamma waves, or normally visible spectrum waves so by studying all we are trying to know all these things from the universe Because it has always been human nature. The curiosity that where did our existence come from. What is the reason for our existence? From where does the universe originate?

Humans have to understand, no matter what age it was, whether it is the age of modern science, whether it is our 4000- 5000 years ago sages also had to understand all this. So in this view the sages which are in our land of India, even in the absence of these resources which we have today, contemplated a lot, studied nature and developed a lot of theories, and bring so many philosophies. This philosophy has so much depth, so many attributes, and subtlety that even today there are academic studies on it.

There is a Nobel Prize winner T.S Eliot, a poet. He says that the philosophy of Indian sages who have subtlety, the depth that is in front of them the philosophers of Europe seem like schoolchildren. This means this is a philosophy with so many logical and scientific principles.

Many religions tell you that the creation of universe has been created by some god. Apart from this, from this philosophy, apart from this religious idea, to know something that our sages have given and which is very logical and scientific, then this article is for you. Sankhya Darshan is a very scientific philosophy. We are going to do this episode in two parts.

In the first part, I will tell you about the history of Sankhya Darshan, its basic principle, basis, and core how it has been created and how it was created from these things and how has it grown, and how it has flourished, I will explain to you that. And in the second part, we will try to get into the core of that philosophy and try to know what are the different elements, and how they interact with each other.

How from their interaction world created, and the universe formed? Why is there suffering in this world and understanding that suffering, how will we get rid of that misery? How will a man get salvation? We will understand the whole philosophy of this Sankhya Darshan.