Foreign Evidence Of Ram Temple! Historical Proofs Of Ram Mandir

Ram Temple: If you want to know India then you will have to know Ramayana, not because you are a Hindu or this is a Hindu majority country, but because India’s history, geography, languages, traditions and culture are all included in Ramayana.

The lines of not only our lifestyle, our thinking but also our politics, our justice system and our economy etc. have all been drawn, but it is very sad for us that it took 500 years for the temple of Shri Ramchandra ji, who resides in the soul of India, to be built on his own birthplace. Had to wait and fight in the court for 30 years, which was the second longest case in the history of the Supreme Court.

In today’s time, a temple is being built at Shri Ram Janmabhoomi, but even today there are many people among us who are fighting for this. Many people do not believe that the remains of a Ram temple were found there and even call those remains the remains of a Buddhist temple. Another sad thing is that today a Ram temple is going to be built. Yes, thousands of us do not know what other evidence was kept in the court due to which the justice came in favor of Ram Mandir and today Ram Mandir is being built.