Why Do Hindus Worship So Many Gods?

Friends, Sanātan Dharma is a decentralized religion, like cryptocurrency. Here, any single person’s power isn’t in force, nor it is accepted. Here, any single person is not running the whole religion by staying in the center, but different people from different sections of society run this religion together. But until we find out what is in the center of Sanātan Dharma, what is in the core, what are the core philosophies, and what are the core ideas, we will not understand what is the need of so many gods.

According to Swami Vivekananda, there are three parts of any religion. The first is philosophy, the second is mythology, and the third is ritual, culture, or worshipping methods. So any religion is made up of these three things. Now, the most important of these three things is philosophy or darshan. It is in the center, it is the foundation of any religion, and we cannot alter this. The core of religion is built on its philosophy. You can understand this like this, suppose you are going to start a company, or start a business, you set some core principles, and don’t compromise with them.

For example, if it is an Apple company, they won’t compromise with quality. If it is Tata, they won’t compromise with safety features. If it is Nokia, they won’t compromise with durability. That’s why, the philosophies in the center are not compromised by any religion. Now, the second part of religion is mythology, or stories, which are very simple. Now, suppose, your core philosophy or one of the core principles is to be honest.

So, if the child who is following your religion is told to be honest, he won’t be able to understand how to be honest. So, here, stories are made up. Through stories, it is explained how a truthful person is. The stories are the reflection of your religion’s philosophy. For example, in our Sanātan Dharma, the concept of rebirth is a very meaningful philosophy, a very meaningful core principle.

That’s why, you will see that all the stories of our religion, in them, different kings, sages, different characters take rebirth or lead many lives. So, if we see in a way, these stories which are given in our philosophy. The philosophies and principles we have accepted, these stories present them in a very simple way, through which even the most difficult philosophy is easily understood. Friends, now, the third part of religion is ritual, or which we can call as worship. And this worship, ritual, mostly depends on social and geographical conditions.

For example, how you will wear clothes during worship, what kind of offering you will offer, how will the worship be, all this depends on your geographical condition. That’s why, you will see that, even though being a Hindu, in different regions, different people perform different methods of worshipping. There will be some difference, even if it is a little. So, this is the third part of religion, which depends on your geographical condition.

We had seen about the three main parts of religion. And we also understood that the most important part of all three is philosophy, which is called darshan. So, let’s understand the philosophy of Sanātan Dharma in detail.