Why Do Hindus Worship So Many Gods?

Hindus worship : Hindu, they are those who fast for 9 days for a woman in Navratri. They shower her statue with their love, erect her idol with pride, and when it’s time to say goodbye, they lift her on their shoulders and immerse her into river with tears in their eyes. This is the same Hindu who then starts celebrating the killing of a demon by another man. And when that man returns with the Victory Flag, they decorate their house with lamps. These Hindus, the excitement of this victory has not yet ended, that one day they dedicate themselves to the Sun God and celebrate the incident of His going into Uttarayana by flying kites.

Then in a few months, a Yogi becomes the subject of Hindu’s faith, even knowing that he will be the cause of the destruction of the universe. Then fly the colors, and this Hindu starts singing and dancing on the love tunes of a divine couple. And the ecstacy of these infinite colors has not yet come down, that in the love of a child’s birth, they recite the story of his life at homes. Hindus do not stop here either.

In a few days, Hindus make this divine child’s messenger, devotee, and servant their God and get caked in red. Hindus see God in each grain, in each man. They also accept the gods of other religions, other religious places and traditions. But why? Why do Hindus change their gods every month? Isn’t one God enough?

Can’t the imagination of one supreme God develop the spirituality within us? And what will happen if a Hindu starts worshipping the same God? Will other gods get angry? We will try to understand why so many gods, deities, and divine incarnations were imagined in Santana Dharma. Why couldn’t the imagination of a single God become as famous as the way many gods are worshipped today?