Was There Divine Grace On Ramanujan Ji?

Ramanujan Ji: On 16 January 1913, a package left for England from the port of Madras and on 31 January 1913 reached the office of the famous mathematician GH Hardy of Cambridge University. As he used to receive some or the other mail every day in Professor GH Hardy’s office, but this was something special. The package contained a letter and the letter begins with a short introduction.

Sir, I’m a petty clerk in the office of the Port Trust of India in Madras with an annual salary of only £20. I’m only 23 years old and I am not educated at any university but I studied in an ordinary school. The pages attached to the letter contained solutions to a series of unsolved problems in mathematics, theories on divergence series, and work done oh the problem of the distribution of prime numbers.

And at the end of the letter, it was written that being poor, to you, it is a request that if you find my work even a little valuable, please publish it. Your, S. Ramanujan. This package had run from the house of the theist Hindu Brahmin and reached to that people who doesn’t believe in god. Whereas Ramanujan used to feel that God is making him do whatever he is doing.