Vishnu Ji Cheated And Violated Vrinda?

Vishnu ji : Friends, people may not adhere to the teachings of their own religion, but they see a thousand faults in other faiths. And if the discussion pertains to the Sanatan religion, then both the leftist and liberal individuals who spread religious intolerance seem entangled in the intoxication of tarnishing all deities, characterizing them as immoral, rapists, and immersed in the lust of women. Whether it is Vishnu Ji, Shiva Ji or Brahma Ji. Now, in this article, we will debunk the atrocities done on devotee Vrinda Ji by the creator of this universe, Lord Vishnu.

Friends, this article is being made so that any Hindu brother does not have to feel shameful because of his religion. And does not have to bow his head with shame anywhere. This article is not for the people who spread liberalism, leftism and religious tyranny. Because even after knowing this article and the truth, their nature will not change.

They will continue to spread filth. Because their job is to spread filth. But our goal is that you stay alert. And whenever such a situation comes where Sanatan Dharma is being insulted. Then you do not stay silent, you should have an answer. Today, we will understand the whole incident of Vishnu Ji and Vrinda Ji. And try to find out what is the truth of this whole process. So friends, without any delay, let’s start today’s discussion.