Nirguna In Vedas, Saguna In Puranas? What Does God look like?

Nirguna In Vedas, Saguna In Puranas : First of all you should understand that whoever God may be, whatever be his form, he cannot be Nirguna only or only Saguna. You cannot divide it into these two parts that God is Nirgun only or God is only Sagun. Why can’t you divide?

Because if we believe that God is only Nirguna and He cannot take the form of Saguna, cannot create a shape of His own, then that God is not omnipotent God because the basic definition of God is that He can do anything, He has everything in his control , he is omnipotent, so if he is not able to take a form when he can make so many vast universes , so many big galaxies, planets and he is not able to change his shape.

Or are not able to give His part a virtuous form, then he is not omnipotent, He can not become God, He does not even come in the basic definition of God.

So we will understand it through video game that how a formless nirguna god can also take a saguna form and if god is only saguna means he has a definite shape then his reach will also be limited, his powers will also be limited. Then he cannot reach everywhere.