TV Scenes That Are Not In Valmiki Ramayana!

Scenes That Are Not In Valmiki Ramayana : The religion of every living being changes according to the country, time and situation. Where a soldier’s duty is to protect the country at the border, when that soldier comes back home his wife and children, he has to fulfill the duties of his father and husband. So, in the Sanatan tradition, religion is a simple but complex thought.

Here, just accepting some books is not religion. And that’s why our sages have created many religious books and great poets over time, who teach us follow religion at different stages of life. And because the nature of religion also depends on time, these stories changes with the society. But this creates many new stories and new ways. Many such things come into circulation that were not there in the original texts.

Most of these stories have reached us through TV serials and films. We do not know what was the source of these stories. If we see, more than 300 Ramayans are in circulation in India today, but we know very little about Ramayans from which we have seen these scenes in TV serials.

We will compare the Ramayans shown in TV serials with the Ramayans and learn many such facts and things that you may not know about. Some of these stories are such a part of our society today that it seems impossible for them not to in the Ramayans.