Truth Behind Brahma Saraswati Controversy

Truth Behind Brahma Saraswati : In Aligarh Muslim University, a professor, while giving a lecture on rape and sexual offences, states that the beginning of rape was done by the Hindu deity Brahma when he forcefully raped his own daughter Goddess Saraswati. On the internet, thousands of people on blogs, articles, pages and twitter scream and demand justice for Mother Saraswati. They call Sanatan Hindu Dharma the birthplace of rape culture and in the name of evidence, they will give you a small cut of Hindu texts or a page of Baba Bheem Rao Ambedkar’s ‘Riddles in Hinduism’.

In this book, not only Brahma ji is called the rapist of Mother Saraswati ji but Ram ji is also called Sita ji’s brother. In this book, there is also a description of Sri Ram ji’s extra-marital affairs. Lav and Kush is called Ravan’s son and Sri Ram ji is also called a drunkard and a mansahari (meat-eater) and has been insulted.

Baba ji’s anger towards Sanatan Dharma was well known and he had no evidence to support these claims other than foreign translations and the Buddhist Ramayana. He was a devotee of Max Muller. He is the same Max Muller who writes to his wife that I have prepared a new edition of the Vedas. These Vedas have been the foundation of the knowledge of Indians. We will have to throw it away.

In another letter, Mr. Muller himself states that only by destroying the education of India, we will be able to establish Christianity and the Western world in India. And today we have done it. Now, if respected and immensely talented individual like Baba Sahab support such anti-national elements. Then anything is possible.

Friends, this is no new game of throwing mud on Sanatan Dharma. You will be told again and again that Brahma ji forced his own daughter Maa Saraswati. You will get articles, clippings, books where this will continue to be insulted. But you will not try even once to read all those stories entirely. So the purpose of this article is to convey the truth related to this matter to you. So that if you are a Hindu, you do not come under the influence of all these things and do not consider Sanatan Dharma as a symbol of degradation. We will debunk the accusations against Brahma ji and Saraswati ji.