Truth About Sati Pratha And Parda Pratha 

Sati Pratha : Navratri has begun and where all of us will be immersed in the devotion of Mata, a group will become active on social media. They will tell how a Hindu who has insulted women for a year, will now praise a woman for 9 days. They will go so low that they will see a Dalit in Mahishasur and a Hindu in Durga Mata.

And then they will play the Dalit card and call Mahishasur a hero. And in these 9 days, fake liberals will also remember the patriarchy of Hinduism. And they will tell that social practices like child marriage, sati pratha and parda pratha are religious practices and will spread poisons against the Sanatan texts and Sanatan Dharma.

They will suddenly start worrying about the rights of women in Hinduism. In this, we will examine the Sanatan texts and try to find out whether in our religious books, there was misbehaviour towards women, there was a feeling of discrimination, and they were deprived of their rights. We will also try to find out the difference between women’s and men’s freedom in today’s society. we are constantly trying to find out when this feeling of discrimination started and how it became a part of our society.

Friends, when we examine the Indian Old Culture today, I get to see two types of thought processes. And both go to the extreme end. Those who support Indian society and Indian Culture, they have utopian thinking.

They feel that everything was like heaven before, rivers of milk flowed, everyone was decent, no one misbehaved with anyone, there was no feeling of discrimination, there was no injustice with anyone. And if we look at the other side, there is a thought process which is at the other end.

Their thinking is that the old society, the ancient Indian society, especially Hinduism, was a society of backwardness, there was discrimination, there was a caste system, women were not given any rights.