Truth About Niyog Pratha In Hindu Religion!

Truth About Niyog Pratha : There is a section in our society where Halala is prevalent in which the self respect of women is violated. And instead of correcting their mistakes, they compare the Sanatan Dharma’s Niyog system with Halala. Their thinking is so rigid that they stopped seeing right and wrong. And instead, with this defense mechanism, they keep finding faults in us to show their religion as good. And we Hindus, without knowing the whole truth, consider our thoughts to be oppressive and start thinking bad about our religion.

We often see such news that people of a particular religion, after giving 3 divorces, send their wives to a Maulana or sometimes to their father, where they are physically exploited, only after which they are able to remarry their first husband. And when their deeds are criticized on social media, then they start talking about the Niyog system of Hindus.

First of all, there is a huge difference between Niyog and Halala. In Niyog, women were not exploited, as is the case in Halala even today. We will talk about the Niyog system of Sanatan Dharma and try to see if we can keep Niyog as an antifeminist system like Halala or not.