Truth About 16000 Wives Of Shri Krishna!

Truth About 16000 Wives Of Shri Krishna : Making fun of Hindu deities and humiliating them in some way is a common thing today. And it is not possible that Shri Krishna’s character is not questioned in this. People keep saying that what kind of God are you have that had 16000 queens. Does anyone steal girls’ clothes being God? And then slowly you will realize that Shri Krishna was a pervert and characterless. And many such people will call that Shri Krishna a rapist who appeared in the assembly to protect Draupadi when no one respected Draupadi.

Today in the age of internet, the number of illiterate people has increased a lot. They may not have even read Bhagavad Gita, but they will share the knowledge of how Shri Krishna misguided Arjun and put him in a war. We will show you the truth behind the allegations on Shri Krishna.