Ravana Gifted The World Its First violin, Called The Ravanhattha

We all must have liked the violin at some point in our life and must have enjoyed its music. Whether listening to old music or new, listening to traditional music or foreign music, we enjoy ourselves a lot whenever we listen to the violin.

Especially if you listen to foreign music then you must have liked the theme music of Game of Thrones or the theme music of Pirates of Caribbean. And if you like listening to traditional songs then songs like “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai” or “Raaz” movie or “Mohabbatein” movie in which we get to see songs based on violin, we all loved it.

But you would be surprised to know that the modern violin that we love so much was made by Ravana and it is called “Ravanhattha”. In this article we will cover the whole journey from Ravanhattha to the making of the modern violin and will also try to know what were the reasons why Ravana made Ravanhattha?

Today’s modern violin is made by involving a lot of string instruments which we call stringed instruments, evolves from it. And its history goes back thousands of years, but in the history of the West the history of the violin goes back to the 14th – 15th centuries and ends on the streets of Spain and Italy.

But some scholars go further back, they go back to the 7th-8th century at the most. And they say that the ‘Rebab’ found in Arabs, the modern one was inspired by it. But in reality, if we see we can go back even further. And this history goes to India and Sri Lanka and ends by going to Ravanhattha who meets in India and Sri Lanka.

Ravanhattha or what is called Ravanahast and in the West, it is called Ravanastron. This has been the world’s oldest string instrument and sarangi and violins were also born from this. In ancient India when foreign traders, travelers, and music lovers came to India the tune of Ravanhattha attracted their attention. And when they went back, they took Ravanhattha with them from here, and then based on Ravanhattha they Developed different types of musical instruments with different types of strings.

So, now let’s see what is the evidence of the antiquity of Ravanhattha and after that, we will see how modern violin has become from Ravanhattha. And will also know why Ravana made Ravanhattha.