The Truth Of Shiva Lingam

There has been an ongoing efforts for years to connect the linga form of Lord Shiva, with the male reproductive organ and to associate the yoni with the female reproductive organ, using highly inappropriate language. People of Leftist ideology who are foolish, ignorant, and who are envious of the glorious history of Sanatan Dharma, will mislead you so much that you will feel ashamed of your own religion.

When they are asked for proof, they will show you the translation of the 12th chapter of Koti Rudra Samhita of Shiva Purana by J. L. Shastri. In which the translation of Linga word is given as Penis or Phallus in English.

After that, when you will get angry or feel ashamed, you will go directly to Wikipedia and try to know the truth. But there also you will get to see some inappropriate language. And then you will shut your mouth. Because you neither have the language of Shiva Purana by knowledgeable Acharyas, nor you have the knowledge of Fundamental Principles of Sanatan Dharma. So you are left with no other option than shutting your mouth.