The Truth About Population Growth And Birth Of Aatma

Today the word Aatma has become just words like ghost and witch. In movies, TV serials and novels, people are calling the spirits, are in possession of them, or are chasing someone’s spirits. The spirit is shown to be a bad thing, it will kill you and you should be afraid of it. But the interpretation of Aatma by our ancestors is very different from these on-screen adaptations.

When our sages thought about where did life come from in a living thing, or where did the form of a non-living thing come from, then they imagined the spirit. As much as there is a misconception about Aatma in Sanatan Dharma, maybe there won’t be so much misunderstanding in Sanatan Dharma about any other subject.

Some are considering Aatma to be a western soul, some are considering it to be a spirit, and some are in the confusion that if only one Aatma possesses a new body, then with the increase of population, are Aatmas also increasing? All these questions arise because we have not read Aatma in our scriptures. We have only heard it from people or seen it on TV.

We will try to solve all the misconceptions about Aatma and see how Aatma has been interpreted in our scriptures, so that you can understand Aatma in its true meaning.