The Shocking Truth About Vanar Sena!

Vanar: Monkey Or Human

If we look at the word Vanar in Sanskrit, then the word vanar is made up of two words, Van and Nar. So it means that the men living in the forest were called monkeys. Now this word vanar, with time, its meaning became limited. And we started calling it a monkey. And we use it only for monkeys.

But if we look at Valmiki Ramayana, then wherever Adi Kavi Valmiki Ji has used the word vanar, or the shlokas in which he has defined the vanaras, if we look there and try to understand in depth, we will see that somewhere he is talking about humans.

If we look at the 18th shlokas of 73rd sarg of aranya kand of Valmiki Ramayana, then the word that Valmiki Ji is using for vanaras who are the vanaras? one who roams in the forest. So from here it is not proved that these vanara are monkeys. But when it is defined here, then it is done with the same word, that the people who roam in the forest So it can be a tribe that roams in the forest, it can also be a race.