The Secret Of Temple Architecture!

Temple Architecture: We all go to the Temple everyday or pass by a temple. But why do our temples look like this? What happens in our temples? What is the purpose of each part? We don’t ask this question. We see the beauty of the temple from above.

And that’s why we also know that the temples of North India look different from the temples of South India. But why do the temples of the same religion look different? Have you ever thought about this? Just as there is a soul in the human body, in the same way, there is a idol soul in the temple-like body.

The temple is not just a building, in which a deity is established. But the temple itself is revered like a deity. With this deep symbolism, the ancient artists who made the temples, don’t make the mistake of considering them as laborers. Because these Hindu-Vastu artists, were in a way, the visionaries of the high level Who changed the visions, thoughts, and ideals of Sanatan Dharma with their own intelligence in the form of a temple.

We will also try to see, how the people who made our temples, were the visionaries of the high level And along with this, we will also see, why the Vastu art of the temples of North India, is different from the Vastu art of the temples of South India.