Why Has The History Of The Saraswati River Been Subject To Mythologization?

Saraswati River : From 2000 to today, many members of the Rajya Sabha have asked the water resources ministers of their time about the Saraswati river’s reclamation and restoration. But before 2000, almost all the mainstream historians considered the Saraswati river as a mythological river.

Now, the water resources ministry has answered all the questions asked in the Rajya Sabha. And has never denied the existence of the Saraswati river. And if you see the documented copies of the answers of the ministry on these queries, then in 2016, when Mr. Vishwambhar Prasad Nishad asked if there is any scientific basis in truth, which can be used to prove that the Vedic Saraswati river used to flow through Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat, then the ministry told that they had formed an expert committee, which reviewed the data on the Palaeochannels, i.e. river footprints, provided by ISRO.

And that committee has given a conclusive statement on the basis of remote sensing, geological, hydrological and archaeological evidences, that a very large river used to flow from Himalaya to the Ghaggar-Hakra route to Ran of Kuchha.

When such a query was done in 2020, the water resources ministry said that Central Ground Water Board, in coordination with Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, Regional Remote Sensing Application Centre, Jodhpur and Physical Research Laboratory, are doing research along with Ahmedabad on the Saraswati river route. And then in 2021, many members of the government and the Rajya Sabha have done queries on the progress in this study.Now the question arises, what is there in the Saraswati river, which people are constantly asking about its existence? Because if you see, there are at least 20 other rivers in the Vedas apart from the Saraswati river.