Exploring Tantric Spirituality Through Mahakali’s Ten Mahavidyas

Mahakali’s Ten Mahavidyas : In the “Shakta Sampradaya” of Sanatan Dharma, which considers the birth of this universe as a woman’s power, there is a group of 10 goddesses, which is called the 10 Mahavidyas. In the Shakta Sampradaya, these goddesses are worshipped with great pomp and show. But those who do not know about these goddesses, they either get scared or criticize them by looking at the pictures of these goddesses. And why not get scared? If we look at the statue art of these goddesses from above, we will find that one goddess is standing on her own head, and standing on Kamdev and Rati.

On the other hand, one goddess is standing on Lord Shiva in a naked form, wearing only a Mund Mala. And behind her, there are cremations in the cremation ground. In these, another goddess is wearing the attire of a widow. Now, looking at the composition of these goddesses, we are surprised on one hand, but on the other hand, we are also curious that why these goddesses, known as the 10 Mahavidyas, are so strange?

Or is this a cult different from the Hindu Sanatan tradition, which has taken a different path? where we will discuss these 10 Mahavidyas, and not only discuss their forms, but we will also try to see how these 10 Mahavidyas play their role in the Hindu-Maulik ideology.