Did Shri Ram Ji Have A Child Marriage? Decoding Age Of Ram Ji And Sita Mata

We have completely dedicated it to Shri Ram Ji. We are going to bring possible around Shri Ram Ji on his life journey and his teachings because in a few days from now, our King Shri Ram Ji is going to sit in his Ayodhya and we will see what was the age of Shri Ram ji and Sita ji at the time of marriage and whether Shri Ram ji really married 6 year old Sita ji.

The allegation that is being made that your Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram Ji married a 6 year old girl, to support this allegation, he presents before you the 4th and 10th verse of the 47th chapter of Aranya Kand of Valmiki Ramayana.

In these two verses of Aranyakaand, Mother Sita ji is telling that she lived in Ayodhya for 12 years and when she was 18 years old, she went for exile and when she was going for exile, the age of Shri Ram ji was She was 25 years old. Now when the calculation is done, it becomes clear that since she was in Ayodhya for 12 years and she was 18 years old when she went into exile, that means she must have been six years old when she went to Ayodhya.

If she had come then it is inferred that at the age of 6, Sita ji got married and came to Ayodhya and from here the age of Shri Ram ji is also calculated that if at the age of 25 he went to exile and for 12 years Since he was with Sita ji, that is, he was married to Sita ji at the age of 13, so from these verses it is known that Sita ji was 6 years old and Shri Ram ji was married at 13 years of age.