The Secret Of Rebirth And Salvation Is Hidden In Big Bang And DNA!

Big Bang And DNA: The most popular theory about the origin of the universe in science right now is the Big Bang theory and Big Bang is not just a fantasy, gradually such evidences have been found which further strengthens the big bang theory, and in these, the biggest evidence found is Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation [CMBR].

And due to CMBR, we have come to know that our Universe was earlier hot and later gradually cooled down to form our galaxies, planets, and the stars, so CMBR confirms this, which matches the premise of big bang, and apart from this, you must be knowing that the galaxies are moving away from each other or our space is expanding, continuously.

That’s the basis of the Big Bang. So for now, the Big Bang theory is considered to be the strongest theory behind the origin of the Universe.

So in today’s topic we will try to understand the reincarnation described in Sanatan Dharma on the basis of big bang. Even now we do not know what happened before the big bang, but maybe in the coming 50-60 years, in 100 years, we will come to know a little bit more about the it. All we know now is that it began with a singularity. Now what is singularity?