Was Vivekananda’s Neo Vedanta Opposed To Shankaracharya’s Advaita?

Shankaracharya’s Advaita: When Vivekananda gave a historic speech in Chicago’s Religious Conference in 1893, where he was praised for presenting a strong image of Sanatan Dharma and India on the world stage, he was also accused of insulting the great Indian philosopher Jagatguru Adi Shankaracharya. The Vedanta that Vivekananda had discussed in America was a little different from Shankaracharya’s Advaita Vedanta.

And here some Acharyas expressed their objection and said that Vivekananda has destroyed the tradition of thousands of years and the principles of a great man. This Darshan of Vivekananda was called Navya Vedanta, which we also know as Neo Vedanta.

After the creation of this new Darshan, some people started considering Vivekananda as an opponent of Shankaracharya, while on the other hand, there were some people who considered this Darshan as a new, simplified form of Shankaracharya’s Darshan and started considering Vivekananda as the incarnation of Bhagwan Shankaracharya.