The Actual Meaning Of Celibacy. What Brahmacharya Truly Means

In Sanatan Dharma, to attain the most excellent state of body, mind, and spirituality, it has been asked to practice Brahamcharya. Through the practice of Brahamcharya, you become successful, strong, and knowledgeable. Truth shine on your face like lightning. But today a lot of misconceptions have spread in society regarding Brahamcharya. In society, only an unmarried man or woman, has started to be considered Brahamcharya.

We do not consider Vivekananda and Dayanand Saraswati and other great men as Brahamcharya, because they were knowledgeable. but because they were unmarried. In this episode, apart from what we have heard, we will discuss what has been given about Brahamcharya in our scriptures and text And try to what is Brahamcharya, who has to do it, How to do it, why to do it and what are its benefits?

If we see the meaning of Brahmacharya, then Brahma means the one who is infinite and the ultimate truth. And Charya means to conduct. So if the definition is seen, then all those conducts which lead us towards Brahma, lead us towards the ultimate truth, they all come under Brahmacharya. And Brahmacharya comes in the purest conduct of Sanatana Dharma, and it is not even for everyone.

For those who have to spend their life in activities like normal jobs, marriage, etc. Brahmacharya is not for them. Brahmacharya is only for those who have to reach the most excellent state in their life and become Brahma itself.