The Maritime History Of India: Exploring Sea Voyages In Vedic Times

Exploring Sea Voyages In Vedic Times : In 1487, the Portuguese king John II sent two spies through East Africa, via Egypt, to India. To see if India is really a rich and prosperous country, in order to decide whether the search for the sea-route to India by investing crores of rupees must be continued. By this time, all the sailors of Portugal had reached The Cape Of Good Hope of South Africa in search of India. Most of them never returned.

But when John II’s captain in 1488 touched the Cape of Good Hope and returned, and the report of both his spies was positive, John II spent money to build four large ships. And then on 8 July 1497, these four ships set out to find the sea route that would take them to India. There were a total of 170 people on these four ships, whose leader was Vasco da Gama.

We think that the work that hundreds of sailors in Portugal could not do, was done by Vasco da Gama. But the reality is something else. Vasco da Gama had crossed the Cape of Good Hope by 16 December 1497, but his journey was not easy. He was shooed away by the people of Mozambique and Mombasa. But later he got some help in Malindi, because the people of Malindi were enemies of Mombasa.