Lord Shiva Got Tempted By Vishnu’s Mohini Avatar

Lord Shiva : If you want attention, especially if you want to look cool and modern, then make fun of your own Sanatan Hindu religion. Freedom is given to you by the religion, because religion is concerned about you. Whether you worry about religion or not. And it is also the fault of religious people. When there will be in humane acts in the name of religion, then religion will become the subject of hatred and mockery. And then you have to remove the confusion in religion and show the truth.

In Hindu Sanatan Dharma, the three basic powers of Parbrahm which are included in the creation of the universe, are known as Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. By making them the subject and giving them a human form, the sages of Bhakti Marg wrote stories in the Puranas. Now, since these three are the main basis of our religion and creation, that’s why leftists and fake liberals have been continuously insulting these three powers by picking up a few verses from the ancient stories. Due to which the foundation of Sanatan Dharma was damaged.

First of all, they accused Brahmaji of molesting his own daughter, whose truth we had brought before you. Then they accused Vishnuji of molesting his own devotee, we are going to show you the truth of the accusation for inhumane acts on Lord Shiva on Vishnuji’s Mohini Avatar. we will know the truth of the whole incident of Lord Shiva and Mohiniji. So friends, without any delay, let’s start today’s discussion.