Lord Krishna’s Teachings: Dharmayudh VS Jihad

Lord Krishna : We have seen many times on TV on social media on social media on YouTube etc. many religious gurus comparing Jihad with the Mahabharata war. While justifying terrorism in the name of Jihad today people are seen saying that this is a war of Hindus. There is also in Geeta where Shri Krishna has asked to fight for religion then is the religious war described in Geeta really Jihad and is Shri Krishna inciting Arjun to fight by preaching violence and yes? Are attacks like also a religious war that is fought for religion?

We will tell you about Jihad and religious war and make a comparison between them. if seen religious war has been an integral part of Sanatan Dharma. Vishnu Ji’s incarnation is the establishment of religion. And that’s why if you see the war that Lord Rama fought with Ravana was also a kind of religious war and the most beautiful example is the war of Mahabharata where Shri Krishna ji rose from the worldly illusion and fought with Arjuna.

They tell usto rise up and fight which is very necessary for the establishment of religion then we can see that in the history of Sanatan Dharma wars have been fought many times to establish the religion so why is there a need to establish the religion like this?