Why Is Lord Indra In The Vedas A Bhogi King In The Puranas? Truth About Indra

Lord Indra : In Rig Veda’s 1st Mandal’s 101st Sukta’s 5th Mantra, Indra Dev is considered as the God of this world. It is said that Indra is the Lord of this universe. He is the first creator who appears in the vast space and creates the mind, senses and moving earth for living beings.

Now, in Rig Veda’s 2nd Mandal’s 12th Sukta, which is also called Indra Sukta, it is said in the 1st Mantra, O humans! Indra, who appeared first, no God can match him in his power. Indra Dev himself created the earth and the shining stars and made them shine. It is the power of his powerful wealth and actions that he roams in the space between the earth and the space.

So, we can see that Indra Dev, whom we have seen as the king sitting on the throne of heaven, he has been shown as a universal power in the Vedas. So, what is the reason that the supreme power in the Vedas, the name that represents the Almighty God, has become a person in the Puranas. Who loves the throne of heaven more than his life and who is always immersed in the bliss and joy.

We will talk about Indra Dev. Indra Dev, who despite having the highest respect in the Vedas, has not been able to make a place in our Dharma, our temples and our homes. Forget about his worship, the little we read about him today, we only get the sarcastic references about his character. Due to which, Indra Dev has become a topic of ridicule.