LGBTQ In Hinduism! Gay Marriage In Kama Sutra?

LGBTQ In Hinduism : You must have noticed that during the Pride Parade in Bengaluru, slogans of freedom from Hindutva were being raised They keep shouting “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!” The people who are chanting such slogans may not even know that the religion from which they are asking freedom is the same religion which has the most progressive ideology for the gay people.

Perhaps nothing is written about them in other religions Our ancestors have talked about gays in many texts, including the Kama sutra. When you see the temple of Khajuraho, you will also find the image of gays there. How is it that voices against the Sanatan religion, which has always advocated for gays among all classes, are being raised today?

Because instead of reading the texts, we have made them a symbol of our religion. And now, without even bothering to read or understand, the opposition is simply displaying their ignorance and nothing more.

We will talk about what our sages have written about same-sex marriage. And whether they have considered same-sex people eligible for marriage or not.