Kakbhushundi’s Theory On Universe

Kakbhushundi : In this world, if there is someone who is truly leading on the path of devotion, knowledge and action then it is the scientists of this world. Their unwavering devotion to science, interest in gaining knowledge and liberation from worldly bondage makes them no less than a yogi. Humans have been trying to know everything for centuries. Centuries ago, when there was no technology, humans experimented with imagination, logic and philosophy, which later became the form of religion.

Now, the roots of religion were only curiosity to understand their existence. Today, some branches of religion have turned towards superstition, hypocrisy and communalism. Science is the only way to cut these branches and save the other branches of religion which really take us to the cause of our existence. Because of scientific progress, when we read our ancient books today, we can see that our ancestors had such advanced imagination thousands of years ago.

We can also say that science was just imagination. What’s the big deal in thinking? And what mathematical proofs are available in books? But thousands of years ago, imagining things like multiverse and time dilation must have been as revolutionary in itself as Big Bang Theory is today. When the rest of the world was thinking that the whole universe must have been created 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, our sages were playing with the concepts of infinity and zero.

we will learn about a very mysterious and interesting character, Kak Bhushundi ji. We will also know how our ancestors have told us such things through their stories that we are able to understand even better today through science.