Israel Was Created Because Of The Indian Army

Israel Was Created : In today’s time, due to Israel and Hamas war, the world is divided into two groups. Some people are supporting Israel, and some people are supporting Palestine. But most people forget the history of these two countries with us. You all know that since the time Israel was formed, all Arab countries have been against it for religious reasons. And many times they have attacked Israel, but never won.

You might know that there was a time when the Indian army fought a war for Israel. And if they had lost the war, Israel would not have been a country today. At that time, the Indian army, which used swords and spears, won the war against the machine gun and modern weapons. And this seems impossible to many people. Because the stories of the bravery of the Indian army are such that people do not believe.

Today I will tell you about a war of the Indian army that is not taught in schools. But it was a war without which the existence of today’s Israel would not have been possible.