Is Premarital Sex Allowed In Hinduism?

Premarital Sex : Recently we did a topic on Brahmachary and we tried to know what is the real meaning of Brahmachary. We had understood that brahmachary is not only the prohibition of sexual pleasures. Brahmacharya is the observance of all these steps leading us to the Brahm. And in that, the prohibition of sexual pleasures is an important part.

So I promised that I will bring a detailed video on this topic too. So in today’s topic, we will try to know whether sexual pleasure is a crime or sexual intercourse, marriage, or sexual relation before marriage which we called Pre-Marital Sex. We will know what is the opinion of our Vedic history and different sects of Hindu Sanatan Dharma regarding all these subjects.

Our Sanatan Dharma is a decentralized religion. This means we don’t have any one fixed philosophy or one book or any one religious teacher who is running the religion. Sanatan Dharma is a religion that moves toward truth, so for thousands of years, there have been many scholars who have made many ways to get God toward truth and have determined the styles of living life.