The Enigma Of The Indus Valley Script Is The Harappan Language Sanskrit Or Tamil?

Indus Valley : In July 1799, during Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt, the French army reached a city called Rosetta on the banks of the Nile. During the excavation of the fort, a French officer, Pierre-François Bouchard, found a mysterious stone. Inscriptions in strange languages were found on this stone, which linguistic experts tried to understand for many years. And when they understood this, they also decoded a thousand-year-old language from this stone, whose names and signs had been erased. This stone was used as a key to decoding the ancient Egyptian language. In our history, along with Egypt, three other civilizations were also flourishing. Maya, Mesopotamia, and Indus Valley.

Now the surprising thing is that where the scripts of Maya and Mesopotamia have been decoded, no one has been able to solve the Indus Valley script yet. Now it is not being solved or allowed to be solved, because once the Indus Valley script is solved, many propagandas will be destroyed. And the true ancient history of India will come in front of us.

We will all find out whether the Aryans were really foreigners, as the British invaders wanted to prove, so that no other race on the land of India could show their native rights. Apart from this, were the Aryans and the Dravidians two different races, or was there no difference between them? And how were the Brahmin, Devanagari, and Dravidian scripts born? Was the Indus Valley a Vedic civilization or a migratory Western civilization?