The Organism In The Universe, Or The Universe In The Organism!

Till date we have not been able to understand the secrets of the universe and the life that flourishes in it, how the unconscious atoms of this universe together give birth to a conscious living being or is consciousness an intrinsic property of every atom because many such experiments have been repeated in the past in which all Atomic part kills have been seen to change their behaviour.

Light also keeps changing its behavior with its dualistic nature. So, is the entire universe conscious or does our conscious mind change the universe or is it not so?

Instead of the soul being born in the universe, the universe is born in the soul, so is our conscious self projecting this universe and are our universes interfering with each other and what happens when we die one by one? These different universes also die. Now let us see when did our scientists realize that our universe or our world is run by us and not by us, the companions of the universe.