How Slaves Were Treated In India!

Slaves Were Treated : Be it Egypt’s 4,500 years old pyramids of Giza or India’s 400 years old Taj Mahal or China’s 21,000 kilometers long Great Wall or Rome’s Colosseum with a capacity of 80,000 people. If I ask you what is common in all these buildings then your answer will be that these are the wonders of our world. The answer is somewhat correct because this is what we have been taught. But these magnificent buildings also have a shameful history which is always hidden from us and that is while building these buildings the kings crossed the limits of cruelty and inhumanity to the extent that humanity’s skin was torn off.

Millions of poor, hungry, laborers, slaves, prisoners were made to work for 18 hours to build these buildings. These buildings are not made of brick or stone but are built on broken bones and helpless sighs. The history of slavery is not new but its history can still be seen till 200 years ago. Where in ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece and Italy slavery was a common thing By the time of the 15th century, millions of Africans were already forced for slavery Europeans used to transport Africans like animals on ship from the Atlantic Ocean to Europe.

This journey was called the Middle Passage in which half of the slaves used to die on the way itself due to illness and despair. Now the question arises, were there no slaves in India? When this slavery culture had taken its toll all over the world then how did India remain untouched? or there were slaves in India and they did face the same treatment as Europeans did with Africans?

We will learn about the history of slavery in India. We will also try to find out whether our Vedas and religious texts mention slavery and if so, what were the rules that were applied to them and what was our behavior towards them.