Does The Object Exist Or Not? Nihilism Of Buddhism

Nihilism Of Buddhism: Today you will find the countries where freedom of expression has been given importance, be it European countries, America or Japan, and India has also given freedom of expression in the preamble of its constitution and that is why it is moving towards progress.

It is progressing and this has not happened in India since the advent of the Constitution. Freedom of expression in India is very ancient and that is why many such ideas and philosophies were born in India which are contradictory to each other but still are an integral part of the Indian society, We have been also teaching them separately, but there are other philosophies which have irrigated the Indian land and one of them is Nagarjuna’s Nihilism.

Now many people compare this Nihilism with Nihilism. That is, life has meanings, there is no religious and moral truth in it, then many people also believe that Jagatguru Adi Shankaracharya’s Advaita is the same as Nagarjuna’s Nihilism, it is not a different thing and we are going to know its truth in this topic.