Did Khalsa Emerge To Oppose Hindus?

Khalsa : The Guru Granth Sahib which starts with an Omkar, in which ‘Hari’ is mentioned 8334 times, ‘Ram’ is mentioned 2533 times, ‘Prabhu’ Shabda is mentioned 1371 times and ‘Gopal’ is mentioned 491 times. Our Sikh brothers, who consider that Guru Granth Sahib as a living Guru, have sacrificed their lives for the protection of Indian culture and Indian land. The entire history testifies that there has always been a brotherhood between Hindus and Sikhs. And the Sikh brothers have always protected this country like a shield.

And today we see how the attempt to destroy the unity of Hindus and Sikhs is continuing. The panth which was started to protect the integrity and dignity of the country, today some people of the same panth are talking about breaking the country. These hungry people of power and greed are trying to destroy the Unity of Hindus and Sikhs. And I have complete faith that our Sikh brothers will also join us and oppose these Khalistanis.

We will know about the origin of Sikh religion. We will know what are the philosophies of Sikh religion and how the roots of these philosophies go to ancient Indian Hindu darshans. And at the same time, we will also look into the history and see what were the conditions and situations that Guru Nanak Dev ji had to come forward and establish a new religion.

Friends, today when we talk about Sikh Dharma then we use words like Sikhism or Sikh But very few people will know that the traditional or original name of Sikh religion is not Sikh. If you look at Guru Granth Sahib, then the traditional name of Sikh religion is Sikhi.