Charvak’s Materialism Vs Vedic Philosophy

Charvak Darshan : This holy land of India has made both atheists and non-atheists self-reliant. It has been the land of thoughts. Here, even though Buddhists, Brahmins and Jains have criticized each other in their own religious texts, but this criticism was ideological. It was a fight for ideology. It was a fight to defeat each other with their answers and questions, not with swords or daggers. And in this ideological fight, there was such a class which was the victim of the criticism of Buddhists, Jains and Brahmins.

Whom everyone together suppressed and put an end to it. These were the people who believed in Charvaka Darshan, who are also called “Lokayatik”. They were called joyful, fun-loving, happy-go-lucky, greedy and many such things. But were those Charvakas whose Agra doodhs were born before Buddha, were their thoughts so bad? Or did others never try to understand them and their words because of their hatred?

Friends, today we will talk about Charvaka Darshan. Who and how does this Darshan started? What are the main points of this Darshan? And what is so special about this Darshan? What is the reason that Buddhists, Jains and Brahmins put an end to this Darshan and rejected it? So friends, without any delay, let’s start today’s discussion.