Bharat Vs India Controversy

Controversy : There is no other country in the world apart from India that has ambiguity regarding its history. India is the only country where one need to read foreign writers to know India’s history Others research India’s history and tell India how India was. It’s a weird dilemma. And we are responsible for this Until an outsider approves us, we don’t believe anything.

And west has taken advantage of this for centuries First, by making fun of our culture and history and today, by making reaction videos on YouTube and printing money. How many Indian YouTubers react to America and Europe and have millions of followers? May be no one And it shows that the West doesn’t care about our opinions. And we are adamant about the West’s approval. Even after 75 years of freedom, we are debating whether our country’s name should be “India” or “Bharat”.

In this article, we’ll keep aside foreign approvals and delve into our own history. We’ll try to find out who we are. We’ll look at our ancient books, stone inscriptions, religious texts and see what words our ancestors used to describe our motherland. and why did they used it. We will also know the reason behind it. We’ll also break many myths in this article. So let’s begin today’s discussion.

A human to live for a long time, being alone is not enough. We are social animals and we don’t just need food and sleep. We need clothes, houses, entertainment and we can’t do all this alone. That’s why our ancestors started making small groups so that they can help each other and stay alive for a long time.

Now when a group is formed or a person contacts another person, there’s always something that brings them together. It can be a mutual interest, a common enemy or a common goal. That’s why one person meets another person, two people form a team of 4 to 10, 10 to 100 and then a whole community is formed.