The Ancient Baby Shower: Seemantonnayan,16 Rituals Of Sanatan Hindu Religion

Baby Shower : From the time inside mother’s womb to the time of death, Sanatan Sanskars are with you like parents. And by protecting you from bad powers, they make your life peaceful. These Sanskars are the inventions of those sages and visionaries who have dedicated their lives to Sanatan.

Those divine men have understood life by going deep into it and have made constant efforts to design lifestyle based on science. And that is why even after centuries, the importance of Sanatan Sanskars is still the same in the modern scientific era. Sanskar is a practice that makes any object useful by making it Sanskrit [cultured] or pure. Or to say that making an ordinary person or object useful by special practices is called Sanskar.

In ancient times, it was believed that there were at least 40 types of Sanatan Sanskars. But with time, there were improvements and today, in our religious scriptures, 16 types of Sanskars have been told.

If you see a shloka in Vyasa Smriti, then in that shloka, the names of the 16 Types of Sanatan Sanskars are told. These 16 Sanskars are Garbhadhan, Punshvan, Seemantonnayan, Jatakarma, Namkarana, Nishkramana, Annaprashana, Chudakarma, Vidyarambha, Karnaveda, Yagyopaveet, Vedarambha, Keshant, Samavartana, Vivaah, and Anteshti.

Now the need of these Sanskars is also because during the birth of Sanatan, all humans were considered as Shudras. And then it was said that according to their karma and Sanskars, that person takes his/her place in the Varna Vyastha. Let’s see which were these 16 Sanskars.