What Modern Education System Can learn From Our Ancient Gurukuls

Ancient Gurukuls : In 1833, the House of Commons, London, the member of the Parliament from Leeds and the Council of India, Thomas Webbington Macaulay, gave a speech on education reforms to the British government in the Indian subcontinent. In this speech, Macaulay expressed his dream in front of the British government.

The dream was to create a generation of Indians with the help of English education, who would though be Indian in color, yet whose thinking, mind and understanding would be English. Who could spread English education throughout India. Macaulay was perhaps a compassionate person.

He wanted to empower Indians with British education, which was only available to privileged people in Europe, by giving it to poor Indians trapped in slavery and superstition. He said that the British government should spend its money in its own way. And instead of Sanskrit and Arabic, promote English, a much better language than both. Because the Indians were ready to become good English scholars.

He said, I have met many scholars who speak Sanskrit and Arabic, who do not deny the fact that only one shelf of English books is better than all the books ever written in Sanskrit and Arabic. When Macaulay was giving this speech, at that time the GDP of UK was not even 3% of the world GDP, and India’s GDP was 18% of the world GDP.

And when in 1835, Macaulay’s education system was implemented in India, and English education was taught in India for the next 100-110 years, then in 1947, when the country was liberated, how these numbers changed is beyond my understanding. How India’s GDP was 2-3% of the world GDP, and the UK’s GDP was 12%. Kind Macaulay was going to make India a bird of gold, and in the process, he made England gold.

What kind of education system is this? And if the whole world was engulfed in poverty without English, how did China, Japan, Germany outplayed England? There, English education is not given. And the Sanskrit and Arabic languages that Macaulay was speaking about, taking the words of these languages, and numbers a significant part of English vocabulary has been formed.