Adipurush: An Insult To Hindus!

And here, in our own country, our own people have made a joke of our own culture. These are the people who want the popularity of Ramayana and want to work like Marvel DC. But even creating Junior G is not possible for them. But there are maybe almost none, which talk about the respected Yugo Sako.

What was the reason that a foreign person fell in love with India and India’s culture so much that he left his country and took a foreign country in his soul. Yugo Sako was born on 4th February 1928 in Gifu City, Japan. And when he was very young, his parents died. As if God himself wanted Yugo Sako to choose his own path.

Then, amidst these sorrows and hardships, Yugo started studying Zen and Buddhist philosophies. He started looking for answers to the most difficult questions of life. And in this search, he fell in love with Indian philosophy while continuously studying Darshans. And his interest increased so much that he thought that if he ever gets a chance, he will definitely go to India.