Adipurush: An Insult To Hindus!

Adipurush: When Mother Sita saw Lord Ram for the first time, what would have been her experience? When Lord Ram left Ayodhya for the forest with his brother and wife, what would have been the condition of the people of Ayodhya? When Bharat came to Lord Ram with the news of their father’s death, how would Lord Ram have handled himself?

How would Lord Ram have been that every human, animal and bird, all of them left everything and dedicated their lives to Ram’s work? How did an unknown Vanara, by putting aside all the pleasures of the world, became a lifelong servant of Lord Ram? This is the feeling, vision and history that is embedded in every Indian’s heart.

And in daily life, somewhere or the other, through words and memories, they come back to life. But the question is how did a foreign Japanese director, so finely, revealed those feelings that even today some scenes bring tears to the eyes. That even today, seeing Lord Ram, one bows his head with the same devotion.