How Adi Shankaracharya Revived The Lost Glory of Sanātana Dharma

Birth Story

Friends, Shankaracharya is considered an incarnation of Lord Shankar. And it is not only a devotional belief, but the times he was born in, the way he worked and the temperament with which he did things, that is not possible for a normal human being. Because if you see, by the end of Vedic era or you can say in the post Vedic era, the way all the bad practices started spreading in Sanātana Dharma, the Varna Vyastha, Karmakanda and Vedic culture, the way these were misused, Sanātana Dharma began to head towards the destruction.

People rather started taking interest in things like Magic, Superstitions, Tantra Mantra, etc. And this was the time when the most discrimination started to accept other religions. In such a situation, a divine man was needed to revive Sanātana Dharma. That’s why in such a situation, in the place of Kaladi in Kerala, a Brahmin couple Shivguru and Arambya ji got a son, whose name they named Shankar. Now Shivguru was the knower of the Vedas and always wanted to become a monk. But his Guru ordered him to go to the Grahastha Ashram [Married Life] against his wish.

As a result, Shivguru married Arambya ji. But many years passed after the marriage, and when both of them started to grow old and couldn’t give birth to any child, they both started to worship lord Shiva. As a result, they had a son, who was called Shankar as believed to be the form of Lord Shankar. And this little boy not only did the religious unification of the nation, but also did the intellectual and military empowerment of India like a king.